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Headache after Sex

Reports: A young man came into the clinic with complaints of headaches that presented every time after sexual
engagement and persisted at a high level for days. The headaches not only affected his ability to
run his business, but over time decreased his desire for intimacy.

Findings: Restrictions of his spinal dural tube into expansion, which likely resulted from a lower back
trauma during sport just months before the headaches began.

Results: After just one session his headaches were gone and have not returned with sexual activity.

Preventing gallbladder removal during pregnancy

Report: A woman in her late 20's in her 3rd trimester with her first child reports pain under the ribs
and heartburn stating that her Physician is considering gallbladder removal in a few weeks
if the pain doesn't subside with pharmaceutical efforts.

Findings: Diaphragm in spasm likely due to natural flare of the rib cage during gestation causing superior (upward) pull on the liver & gallbladder, as well as, an increased tension around the esophagus.

Results: One session with manual release of the diaphragm and education for the client to perform a self-release of the diaphragm as need. She reported zero discomfort within 24 hours of her session and was able to manage self-treatment of the diaphragm throughout the rest of her full-term pregnancy and avoided surgery!

14 yo missing school due to R lower quadrant pain

Reports: 14 yo volleyball player who missed over 40 days of school last year due to right lower quadrant pain that resulted in loosing her spot on the team, decreased food intake, and potentially being held back a year.

Findings: Ligament of Cleyet restriction likely as a result of pubescent changes. This restriction was compressing the Genitofemoral nerve & Femoral artery.

Result: Manual therapy to eliminate restrictions for 3 sessions, each 2 weeks apart followed by 2 additional sessions each one month apart for painfree report for 6 weeks straight.
Patient was able to attend school, eat 'normally', & play volleyball.

Pelvic pain with intercourse

Reports: A mid-thirties female, 6 months postpartum, with her first child reports pain with sex (aka: dyspareunia)
and extreme difficulty achieving an orgasm since the birth.

Findings: Frozen Uterus (no inherent motion, thus no communication to the brain) with increased pressure inferiorly (down) onto the bladder causing a reflexogenic (guarding) response of the pelvic floor muscles
which in turn causes pain & sexual dysfunction.

Results: Using Visceral Manipulation induction of the Uterus was performed to restore the inherent motion and take the pressure off the structures inferiorly. In turn, the pelvic floor muscles could respond favorably and perform optimally. She required 4 sessions of hands on care for full postpartum restoration.

Hip pain with weighlifting

Reports: A mid-40's female reports onset of hip pain with weightlifting & running about 6 months ago. Despite continued efforts of rest & NSAIDS the pain worsens and she is starting to experience Urinary Incontinence (leaking of urine).
She states she exited her long term corporate career to pursue entrepreneurship & figure (body building) competitions about 18 months ago. No mechanism of injury reported.

Findings: Somatoemotional component stored at a cellular level in the femoral neck causing biomechanical dysfunction & compensatory movement patterns.

Results: Uncovered & cleared Somatoemotional "failure" from the bony matrix of her femoral neck & restored biomechanics. In 3 sessions the client was able to exercise without limitations or pain.

Low back pain

A 56 year old male with history of 2 lumbar spine (lower back) surgeries, right inguinal hernia repair and vasectomy reports ongoing lower back pain despite various therapeutic & pharmaceutical interventions.

Findings: Restriction of Mesenteric Root & Peritoneum causing dysfunctional spinal mechanics.

Results: Visceral Therapy for restrictions and thermal scar release for improved tissue mobility. After 3 sessions he reports elimination of lower back pain and significant changes in posture and strength overall. 

Urinary Incontinence 

A 32 year old female former Professional Ballerina, now 18 months postpartum from her 2nd delivery, reports doing 100 'Kegels' each day without success of eliminating Urinary Incontinence during sneezing, coughing, or laughing.

Findings: Poor Neural output from Lumbosacral nerves with dural tube restriction (likely from epidural(s)). Strong posterior pelvic floor muscles but without engagement of anterior pelvic floor muscles during contraction.

Results: Neural Manipulation with manual therapy for 2 sessions with Lumbosacral mechanics restoration. 1 session for Bladder education & tactile cuing for proper pelvic floor muscle contraction / relaxation & core engagement. Self-care of repeated motions & use of The Knack technique to enhance inverse relationship of the pelvic floor muscles and bladder.

Unexplained abdominal pain

Reports: An early 30's male reports to the clinic with unexplained abdominal pain & sexual dysfunction that has been negatively affecting his life for the past 18 months. He reports no trauma or illness leading up to the pain, but did uproot his family, relocate to a brand new city, and started a stressful job to 'make a better life for his young family'.

Findings: Dysfunctional inherent motion of the stomach with dysfunctional pyloric sphincter and
vagus nerve immobility likely due to stress.

Results: A total of 7 sessions that covered Visceral Manipulation, Visceral-emotional release, Energetic balancing, & Neurobalancing to allow his system to achieve a parasympathetic state for rest, digest, & repair. Implementing mindfulness practices in the morning & evening aided in whole being restoration & stress management for improved function.


Reports: A 36 year old female reports being born with an Ectopic Ureter. She had multiple surgeries prior to age 6 for this. She reports she has had Urinary Incontinence her entire life. She reports 2 miscarriages, both at 8 weeks gestation,
and then the inability to conceive for the past 10 years.

Findings: Poor inherent motion of the reproductive system with restrictions in right broad ligament and right ovarian ligament; peritoneal adhesions & immobility with increased intra-abdominal pressure.

Results: 3 sessions of Visceral Manipulation, Visceral-emotional release, & energetic balancing of the mind & body. She is now the proud mother of a very healthy, full-term, little man.

Postpartum dysfunction

Reports 12 weeks post partum with her first and has continued C-section scar pain and pain with intercourse.

Findings: Energetic flow cut off from the head/brain and at the respiratory diaphragm based on emotions stored during the delivery of the child that resulted from 1. the cost of the delivery/money and 2. her desire was to have a natural birth and that didn't happen so she was feeling as though she was already failing as a mother.

Results: 2 sessions of Energetic balancing with manual therapy (The Fox Method) to enhance her global flow to facilitate healing, as well as, work to achieve and maintain parasympathetic state for rest and digest as she navigates this time.

Shoulder pain

Reports: A 53 yo male reports chronic right shoulder pain exacerbated after a car accident this past year. He now has
difficulty raising his right shoulder overhead and putting on shirts. The original pain began shortly after
being head butted in the right side of his abdomen by a sheep.

Findings: Immobility of inherent motion of the Liver with superior compressive forces into the diaphragm and phrenic nerve.

Results: 4 sessions of VIsceral Manipulation & shoulder biomechanical re-education for restored function. During this treatment course, his chronic constipation was also eliminated as a result of improved GI function.

Excessive fatigue

Reports: Patient is a 42 year old female who is unable to figure out why she has excessive fatigue. She just wants to sleep all the time and is struggling to run her business.

Findings: Energetic flow from a global standpoint is blocked at her thoracic inlet and respiratory diaphragm linking back to grief held in her lungs from a very difficult time in her life situation about a year ago.

Results: 4 sessions that worked using Manual Therapy and Energetic Balancing (The Fox Method) to open her gates, improve her system's mobility and healing capacity, tools to process emotions and increase her function.


Reports: Male patient, 33 years old, presents with recurring headaches. He doesn't know when they started but have increased over the past 8 months and are now affecting how he runs his business and 44 employees.

Findings: Temporal  bone compression without decompression with noted force vector from what ultimately was a blunt force trauma to the left side of his head during college when he was blind sided with a punch from someone he did not know.

Results: 2 sessions to improve his cranial bony matrix to ensure compression was followed with decompression. A force vector clearing with energetic balancing and he was "back to crushing it".

Tailbone pain

Reports: Patient is a 40 year old female who presents after having her physician manipulate her coccyx multiple times without resolve.

Findings: She had an emotional driver associated with previous abortion in her teenage years in which the decision was made for her. She, now having 3 children with her husband, had great despair around the child she never birthed.

Results: 3 sessions for Emotional links to the limbic system and energetic balancing returned her to optimal function and mobility. She did not have pain for over 6 months and then returned for 1 session during a stressful life situation to ensure she could maintain her optimal health, which she did.

Infant with colic

Reports: 4 week old infant male with inability to keep breast milk or formula down and expresses discomfort through constant pain. Mom reports extreme tightness in the infant's abdomen & frequent constipation.
She has changed her diet which hasn't seemed to help.

Findings: Vagus nerve immobility, deficits in the inherent motion of the stomach, and diaphragmatic spasm.

Results: 3 sessions of Visceral & Neural Manipulation to enhance functionality of the system and allow for parasympathetic state of rest, digest & repair. Educated Mom of treatment techniques for home maintenance. The little man, at 6 months, continues to be happy & healthy and Mom feels empowered.

11 year old wetting the bed

Reports: 11 yo male continues to wet the bed at night (Nocturnal Enuresis). Continent during the day. Drinks half his body weight in ounces of water in a day. Stops drinking liquids 1 hour before bed. Has used a mid-night alarm
to wake to urinate without success. No other medical history.

Findings: Visceral- emotional relations having to do with "lack of control" from when he was potty training and the family moved to a new city away from family and a younger sibling was born within 1 month.

Results: Unwrapped & cleared the emotional imprint on his bladder & limbic system to allow for optimal function. 3 sessions with slight regression after the 3rd session, thus returning for a 4th session to fully restore function.

Infant torticollis

Reports: 6 week old infant with Torticollis presentation with apparent Brachycephaly & Plagiocephaly due to preferred positioning of infant. Birth trauma present with emergency Cesarean performed after 32 hours of labor.

Findings: Craniocervical Junction disorder affecting the Foramen Magnum and Tentorium Cerebelli
dysfunction with subsequent Neural tension.

Results: 5 sessions of Neural Manipulation for elimination of deficits.

Athlete with reoccurring ankle dysfunction

A professional level athlete in his early 20's reports multiple left ankle injuries in the past year that do not seem to rehab within the typical protocol. His career is on the line if he can not fully rehab. Reports chronic constipation.

Findings: Sigmoid colon deficits in inherent motion contributing to musculoskeletal dysfunction of the left lower extremity and decreased joint mobility in order to 'protect' the visceral system from undue tension.

Results: 2 sessions for Visceral Manipulation & Energy Balancing to clear the Sigmoid colon. 1 Session to clear the system's Injury recall pattern memory and allow for optimization of ankle mechanics.

Runner with SI Joint dysfunction

Reports: A 37 year old woman who reportedly was a high level and avid runner until she delivered baby #2, 7 years ago. Since then, she has SIJ pain that limits her runs to 3 miles or less. She had used many treatment
modalities but nothing 'could keep her SIJ in place'.
*Once assessed and follow up questioning about head trauma was asked she shared that when she was 14 she was running in a high level competition and fell, hitting the back of her head knocking her unconscious, but anytime she told the story, no one 'seemed to care' so she stopped sharing it.

Findings: Cranial dura immobility with subsequent rotation of the spinal dura all the way to the distal end (sacral region)

Results: 3 treatments for manual therapy and the patient was able to run 10 miles painfree.

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