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Written by drBfox on July 13th 2022
Hey hey! Welcome! Ok friends, here it is. After years and years of storing thoughts, ideas, and F*BOMBs in my head. And, after many nudges from some pretty rad mentors in my world, the blog is here. It is official. And, if you are at all curious about what happens in this crazy cool brain of mine, mostly at absolute random times, I'm laying it out here, on this blog, for you.

There is no ceiling to the topics I'll throw out here. The clairs (what is a clair?) are real with this one. Don't love one, no worries, skip over, and come back next time because just like no two people are the same, no two blogs are the same here at B*isms. Love them, well shoot, I'm forever grateful to have you part of the community!

My divine gifts are Authenticity*Self expression*Communication and my wisdom comes from a plethora whole person focused teachings, my doctorate, my personal experiences, client stories and my intuitive gifts. The B*isms blog is comin' atcha with all the things that go on in this, well let's assume, big brain of mine.

lastly, don't be shy, invite your badass friends & tribe members, because here at B*isms the hope is to expand your being.

Much love~ drBfox

PS: an F*BOMB is Fox*Be Optimal Mind & Body💣. Check out my FREE guide here
Written by drBfox on July 28th 2022
Internally, I shrank. I felt grrrreeat during the shoot. Loved my innner me, knowing that I am full of love and light. It felt great. At some level, the outfit and my hair and make up really didn't matter.

But, then my old patterned thinking crept back in at full speed and still 2 freaking days later I am working to transform her.

The minute the shoot was over and I scrolled the photos with the editor for the ones i 'loved' or said I did at least and any editing needs, I crashed and burned mentally.

Written by drBfox on July 22nd 2022
Today, with guidance she did the exact opposite of shooing her away. She sat with her (inner child) and held her. She told her it was all going to be ok. She embraced her until...
Until the energy softened. Until the child understood. Until the child let go of the need to be seen and heard because she finally was. Until the connection between the current woman and the child within her allowed the truth to be. When she saw that she no longer needed to push her away and that by honoring what her 6 year old self needed she was able to shift the energy and be free from the tension. She was enthralled knowing that the child is part of the puzzle and that without armoring up then, without becoming a perfectionist, and without making the choices she did then, she might not be where she is or who she is today. So, with that, she gave her gratitude. She thanked her for all she did to survive in this world. And then there was peace. 
Written by drBfox on July 16th 2022
I'm a 42 year old woman who, well, would like to say I have some brains. So, some days I sit and wonder 'why things take so long' for the ah-ha moments to come. I know there are so many layers within us. Literally from the time of conception, we begin to collect layers. We have (hopefully) 40 weeks gestation living through the vessel carrying us. Living their experiences, their environment, their emotions. We are imprinted. The imprints continue through our birth experience, the 4th trimester and beyond. We, as beings, are in constant adjustment and awareness to the world around us. Working diligently, our inner physician, is striving for homeostasis.

We have the capacity to store, deep within ourselves, what we experience. Especially, in the instance of something negative, traumatic, undeniably hurtful, our brains and body will store the mental thoughts, beliefs, emotions and/or behaviors we have at that time. Storage occurs inevitably in the weakest area of our body at that time.

So, if you just rolled your ankle last week and today you find out someone close to you has passed on, you will likely store the feelings and emotions you have in your ankle. This takes up space and affects the mechanical movement of your ankle now, affecting how you walk, and how you heal from the ankle sprain. More often than not, your ankle continues to be a weak link and cause you problems for years to come, until the memory within this space, that no longer serves you, is transformed and released.

How does this relate to tug-of-war, you ask. Let me explain...
Written by drBfox on July 14th 2022
Have you ever had that moment where something is said or something happens and you freak the F out? Like, the water was ready to boil and you turned it up 1 degree causing over flow.

Let's say, you are minding your own business, driving down the road. I mean, you aren't even texting, so you know you are just doing your thing and then all of a sudden, boom!, someone cuts you off or honks. In that moment you explode. You respond with a totally pissed off honk. You know, not just the love tap, like hey hey the light turned green, let's rock, but more of I hate your guts, how dare you kind of honk that the entire stream of cars can feel the anger and frustration. It's ok, you can admit you know what this looks and feels like right? Then, for seriously the next 2+ hours or maybe even a full day you carry this feeling with you. You talk about it with anyone who will listen. The feeling and the idea of telling how awful this thing that happened was literally consumes you for, hmmmmm, way too long (I'm just being honest).

What this does, this carrying on, snuggling up to, holding tight to the emotions and feelings around this thing that happened .......
Written by drBfox on July 13th 2022
Oh, yes, we are going there, right off the bat my friends. It is true. I did. I'm not sure I would have said 'that' then but looking back, dang, slap me right across the face will ya.

I can recall it like it was yesterday. The deep desires to 'look like a super model', to 'perform athletically like a pro' and to ensure the grades were undeniably a reflection of my hard work and brain power. These deep desires comboed (wait, is that a word?) with my need to please and my well, let's just call it, low self-esteem for lack of better words proved to be a ticking time bomb for me.

It was late Junior year in high school. College scouts were coming to all the soccer tournies and games and prepping to make offers. I wasn't the fastest or was I the thinnest, but I was likely the most aggressive and don't give a shittest. Maybe the endured trauma fueled this (stress release baby!) or maybe it was simply innate.

Regardless, I wanted to be the best, perform the best, do the best, and, duh, look the best so I stopped eating and started running. Yup, 10 saltines and 32 ounces of water for breakfast was pure discipline. Lunch, well, skipped that and drank water. Then, dinner after a 2 hour soccer practice had to wait until I returned home from running an additional 4 miles.

Some 30+ pounds less later and many eyes on me, I was running faster, looked perceivably 'better', but couldn't finish a 90 minute game with full power, oops.
Written by drBfox on December 31, 2022
I suppose 'free' would mean different things for different people. We are all unique beings, no two of us are the same. As I sat with the potential of the word 'free' in my life and cross checked it to things such as financial, toxicity, personal, etc. I knew it wouldn't be financial, at least not yet, I still have a few years of student loans to pay. So, was it business, no, that feels perfect in its timing and I love all the aspects of my work. Oh, personal, yes, yes, yes, that was it. I have come a LOOOOOOONG way and I am very well aware of the gain with recognition of the gap, so where did 'free' fit into all of this?

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