Do the journey, my friend. It is worth it. YOU are worth it!

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I was living on cloud 9. A new college grad at the height of my soccer career, playing semi-professionally in my home town when practically overnight, life as I knew it, no longer existed.

It was the fall of 2002, a year since my foot had been stepped on in a game, a year of unexplained pain.  
A year of uncertainty about my soccer career. Would I ever play at that level again? 
Soccer was how I identified myself, what would I do, or even more so, who would I be without it?
Soccer was my main outlet, my community; yet, after surgical intervention because it was eventually apparent the blood supply to the bone was cut off causing death of the bone. And, ultimately, death of my identity as a soccer player. After surgery I desperately attempted to find my footing, pun intended, when my self-worth was sucked out of me. I was drugged and raped by three men.

 Years of pain followed the event. Not just physical pelvic pain and dysfunction, but immense mental and emotional pain. Guilt, shame, and the belief "I am a failure" became my new identity.

In 2012, I attended a lecture as part of the Doctorate program, on Pregnancy and Postpartum which
 opened my eyes to a whole new world of rehabilitation. Up to this moment I had no idea that there were treatment approaches for pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and pelvic pain. 
That day I signed up for my first of many Pelvic Rehabilitation courses.

 The calling was so strong, I found myself fighting back tears as I took it all in. There was hope. 
 I didn't just need this, I knew this work could help so many people.
I devoured the course series with Herman & Wallace Pelvic Institute while completing my 3rd year of clinical rotations to ensure. I was determined to begin practicing in this field as soon as I graduated. 

It didn't take long working with the Pelvic & Sexual Health population to realize that from a clinical application standpoint there was more.  The traditional model was a wonderful healing protocol for many of my patients, yet, there was a portion of the population that clearly needed integration outside the box.

In search of learning more to serve myself and this niche of the population I was introduced to the Barral Institute's advanced Osteopathic based work for VIsceral (organ) and Neural (brain & spine) systems, 
as well as Visceral-emotional relationships. As a life-long learner I could not help but dive right in to the incredible teachings by Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O., P.T. This work not only changed my life 
but significantly impacted the way I practice and facilitate healing for patients.

Shortly after relocating to Eagle, Idaho, In 2017 with my husband and son, I opened a private practice, 
now called Fox Mind & Body Wellness, to continue to serve and guide others in their healing journey.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I met Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio, D.O.M., P.T., A.P., D.O.-M.T.P..
His teachings has taken my life and my life's work to the next level, premium status. A multi-system's integrative approach designed to address your system's, or as I like to call it the 'MindBody',
 priority releases lines of tension encouraging function and flow of your whole system.

The game changer in this work is identifying and treating the ROOT cause. The root is the thing driving your disease and dysfunction. The driving force can be physical, however more often than not, especially if you haven't had success in your journey, is driven by an internal factor. Internal factors are emotions, mental thoughts & beliefs, too much or too little of a behavior, your consciousness, or any combination.
If a driver is left unaddressed, you will continue to live with your disease and/ or dysfunction.

The body does keep the score. Your tissues do hold the truth. 
Identifying and addressing the ROOT of your symptoms is the key to your healing success. 

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