"Experience health & vitality with the limitless potential of holistic healing".

Treating YOU.

Every BODY is comprised of 12 holistic systems; 
Integumentary, lymphatic, Circulatory, Nervous, Musculoskeletal, Energetic, Visceral, Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Endocrine, Reproductive, and Immunological Systems. 
The National Health Institute (NIH) states in this article that "The health and vitality of the organism can be said to be the end result of homeostatic regulation." All 12 of your holistic systems are working diligently to ensure homeostasis. The article  goes on to share, "The disruption of homeostatic mechanisms is what leads to disease, and effective therapy must be directed toward re-establishing these homeostatic conditions, working with rather than against nature." 

 At dr'B'fox&co we assess, honor, & address all systems as they present themselves in order to help you re-establish homeostasis.

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Healing through Science & Soul.

dr'B'fox&co, Healing through Science & Soul, is a healing space where your body's inherent ability to heal itself is acknowledged, supported, and . 

Your body holds physical and emotional imprints. These imprints are comprised of internal factors such as emotions, mental beliefs & thoughts, behaviors, or a consciousness, as well as external factors that are outside of you including biochem, roles, environmental impacts, energies, stresses and so much more. 

At dr'B'fox&co we utilize a gentle and precise method to calibrate with your innate wisdom, or what some call your inner physician or higher self, to respectfully and accurately address your system's priorities. Calibration is key to your healing because it facilitates internal dialogue with your innate wisdom. Yes, this means we are having a direct and informative conversation with your higher self to know exactly what your system needs for health and homeostasis.  Calibration and conversation with your innate is how this work works; it is how the underlying root cause of your disease and/or dysfunction is treated.

Innate wisdom is the healing capacity present within each individual's body. Your innate is the wisest person in the room when it comes to you and your healing needs; it simply needs to be heard and honored.  Here, at dr'B'fox&co we trust and honor your innate because we know it is the guiding force that orchestrates your body's self-regulatory mechanisms and encourages overall well-being.  By accessing and facilitating your body's self-correcting mechanisms, healing can occur. 

Facilitating healing locally in Eagle, Idaho, and remotely across the World.

Breann Fox

dr'B' established the practice in 2017 from a profound place of love for others, their distinctive journey and the life they can create when they 
feel good, function well, and are free from emotional & physical restrictions. The depths of this passion driven by her own healing journey and her post-doctorate training; unveiling the inherent capabilities of healing through science & soul. 

Malina Ryan

Malina brings her beautiful soul & science backed skillset adding an indescribable blessing to our practice and to every patient who decides to embark on their transformative journey with her. 
Her unique and individualized approach comes from an abundance of advanced trainings, a highly developed intuition, and her deep desire to help all living entities thrive. 

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