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Much love for you! I'm Dr. Breann 'B' Fox, DPT, PRPC

Hi friend and fellow journey taker, it's me, dr'B'. I am elated you are here. First, let me say, I love love love this work and feel so incredibly blessed to be able to facilitate life changing shifts for others. Over the past 12 years I have watched, first hand, others intentionally create a life free from emotional and physical pain on they acknowledge and transmute the lesions and lines of tension their life-situations have imprinted on them at a cellular level. The weight caused by the lesions and lines of tension continued to have a massive negative impact on their energy, mobility, and their ability to thrive; ultimately holding them back from living their best, most fulfilled life. 
It wasn't until we addressed the driver of their dysfunction and pain that everything changed for them. 
I know, because I used to be this person too, so not only do I know what it is like to live in that heavy, dysfunctional, frustrating world but, now after finally getting to the root cause, I am on the other side of it. Here, on the other side, I can see clearly how free and energized I am, living my life by my design, and it is freaking awesome. I want this for you too!

Having been a competitive athlete my entire life I have had not only my fair share of injuries on the field, but endured 11 orthopedic surgeries (who's counting though). These temporary set-backs gifted me direct exposure to the positive impact physical therapy and rehabilitation have on one's recovery through science backed protocols and technique application. Falling head over heels with helping others get back to the life they love, I pursued my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. 

Shortly after complete immersion into the traditional clinical setting, it quickly became clear that a certain percentage of patients weren't achieving full resolution of their ailments. But, why? Having had some of my own unsuccessful rehab efforts and now seeing it first hand in others, I realized there was more to the healing of the whole person. Overnight, this awareness, set me on the journey of pursuing healing through science & soul.

This journey is how I healed from the inside out and is how I took back control of my life.
We are one whole interconnected being. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our emotions, our feelings, our behaviors all play a role in our vastness and dictate how we feel and function. I learned through my personal journey and through over 800 hours of advanced training how my childhood ups and downs, how each injury, how disordered eating and my beliefs centered around self-identity and worth, along with rape, numerous car accidents, failed relationships and much more all played a massive role in how my physical being moved, or didn't move; how layer after layer of experiences and my perception of the world around me all contributed to my physical dysfunctions and pain. As I healed these internal factors, my body began to heal in ways it should have with traditional care, but wasn't able to because it it lacked flow, mobility, and healing capabilities. My tissues held the truth and once my truth was honored, I healed. 
I want nothing more than for you to heal as well. For you to create and live your absolute best life because, my friend, you are worth it.

dr'B'fox&co Philosophy

Through an integrative assessment of the lines of tension within your system, how they connect and contribute to your dysfunction, as well as internal dialogue via calibration we locate and address the underlying root cause, or driver.

Everything is connected. No two systems are the same. You have your own journey and your unique story.
Healing through Science & Soul is our philosophy. Your body is comprised of many systems; lymphatic, circulatory, neural, musculoskeletal, energetic, and visceral systems. Each system functions optimally when its natural movement, or flow, is free and able to perform without restriction. Here at dr'B'fox&co we honor and treat any and all systems as they present themselves within you. 

Healing through Science & Soul

Healing through Science & Soul is birthed from knowing, loving, and honoring everything that your unique system needs while applying science backed treatment techniques to improve the function and flow of the systems within you that need improvement.

The Musculoskeletal system is in place to protect what is deeper and more vital to your life, such as your nervous, visceral, circulatory, and lymphatic systems. Our integrative and thorough approach to healing your mind & body to optimize your mobility and function addresses any and all systems in need of care. Your sessions are completely catered to and designed specifically to treat your system's priority, the root of the ailment. This may be a more recent contribution to your system or may be a very chronic piece of the puzzle. Regardless of when or what, we have the tools to remedy the underlying layer.


There is nothing more honoring than speaking to others.
Whether I am in front of an 8 person intimate retreat, educating Doctoral students, pouring into a large Gala audience, presenting 'Skill building' tools online for the Women and Leadership Conference, or teaching other Practitioners worldwide with the D'Ambrogio Institute, I love love love teaching, inspiring, and empowering others to realize & release what doesn't serve them, restore MindBody Harmony and redesign a 'pers~fessional' life they love!

Whether you have a small or large group, online or in person, I would absolutely love to consider being part of it.
Please inquire within for pricing, date availability, etc.

Email bfox@drbfoxco.com
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