Hey y'all!
i'm drBFOX &
I freaking love you!
I love who you are. I love what you represent.
I love all that you have conquered & overcome. And I stinking love that you are here!

Are YOU ready to LOVE all aspects of your life?
No more messing around. No more putting it off. The world needs your light.
INNERgize & fill your cup!

I have been blessed to work with thousands of high performers, just like you, who 'have it all'.
You have checked all the boxes. You 'should' be happy, I mean, just look at you! 

You are crushing it in life, but your INNERbeing
just doesn't match.
You feel ashamed because, how dare you not be happy with the life you've created.

You don't know why or where you lost the fire, but it was smothered years ago. You left your happiness at the door to lean in to the career, the kids, the spouse,
the big house on the hill. But now that you are there,
it is more apparent than ever you aren't fulfilled.

It's time to take control. No more messing around! It's time to lean waaaaay in..... to YOU!

It is time you fill your cup with all the  DrBFox yummy goodness of transformative teachings & healing, so you can match your INNERgame
to your outer life and show up as the
absolute best freaking version of yourself!
 You CHOOSE how I walk with you.

Mind & Body Harmony

Manual Therapy + Energetic Balancing + Transformative Teaching = Live your BEST life!

Let's face it. You have many things on your calendar and you want to show up as your best for each of them.
I get it. I am the same way.
Showing up as your best isn't easy though when you don't feel your best. Am I right?!

Those nagging aches and pains have you contemplating whether you should cancel your RSVP, reschedule that meeting yet again, or miss your kiddos in their extra-curriculars.
You catch yourself wanting to lay on the couch, angry or frustrated.  You are 'over it'!
You have taken all the measures you know possible to find answers, without success. The meds aren't working, you don't really have any answers and quite frankly you have no idea why it's still there.

You just want your life back. You are in the right spot. At Fox Mind & Body Wellness, DrBFox has helped thousands of people, across the US, in your exact position. Her unique approach, yields unmatched results, affording you harmony of the mind & body so you can live your best life!

You DO NOT have to live this way! Schedule today.
  • MORE intimacy with your spouse
  • INCREASED energy to get shish done
  • SHOW UP more present as a parent
  • ​ELEVATE your professional passions
  • ​Rock solid FOUNDATION for the good & bad days
  • ​UNWAVERING commitment to yourself
Be Intentional, Be Undefined
A 7 step, self guided, on demand
Roadmap at your fingertips that is guaranteed to equip you with strategies & tools necessary to be successful in filling your own cup.
Start pouring into yourself today!
Be Bold, girl
Be Bold, girl
A game changing 6 month teaching cohort where you and 5 other like-minded women experience collaboration & elevation through weekly trainings & 1:1 INNERgy sessions to
optimize self-trust & fulfillment.
An annual 1:1 Transformative Experience designed for YOU. A life changing year locked arm in arm, with your #1 fan, me. Without question, this program takes you to places you didn't know were possible.

This is me!

I have my doctorate, I am a professor, I am a former D1 & semi-professional soccer player, I am the 2019 Woman of the Year for the
Idaho Leukemia & Lymphoma Society,
I am a mom of a super rad 7 year old boy &
a 3 year old English Cream Golden Retriever,
I am a survivor & I am your biggest cheerleader.
WHY? Because I've been there.

   Some two decades ago I was living on cloud 9. I was at the height of my sports career, loving life as I knew it, until I wasn't....
After a career ending injury and then being drugged & sexually assaulted,
I lost it all.

How to conquer the INNERgame that I was able to
* make better choices
* deeply love & trust myself
* show up in all areas of my life as a fulfilled powerhouse

And, I want that for you too.
I'm convicted & committed to helping others heal,
grow, & conquer from the inside.

Hit me up if you are ready to rock this life!

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