As a life-learner and lover of facilitating MindBody healing for others evolution is inevitable. 
With this growth comes re-negotiating alignment and as a result we have changed our name to dr'B'fox&co, Healing through Science & Soul, and are so excited to announce adding one truly incredible practitioner to the team!   

Meet Dr. Breann 'B' Fox, D.P.T., P.R.P.C.

There is no greater gift you can give yourself than inner peace and freedom from pain and from your past.
Your mind and body interpreter and transformation specialist. 
Are you tired of the pain, dysfunction or low energy that ails you?
Are you fed up not knowing why you continue to feel this way?
Are you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed because you aren't performing to your potential?

Hi! I am dr'B'fox. I am passionate about this work because, just like you, I too felt this way. 
As a former Division 1 college and semi-professional soccer player I had my fair share of injuries,
 numerous concussions, and eight orthopedic surgeries. Trauma wasn't just endured on the field though; 
it came by way of rape, disordered eating, narcissism, to name a few. 
Despite guided efforts, my physical pain persisted and was holding me back from my goals, from feeling good, 
from doing the things I love to do. The pain dictated my activities (or lack of) and my mood. I was beyond exhausted.

It wasn't until I began my post-doctorate advanced studies in Osteopathic based multi-systems treatment, 
a Certification in Pelvic Rehabilitation, The D'Ambrogio Institute's Energetic Balancing, 
as well as Visceral-emotional relations and trauma release that I was able to bridge the gap 
between the traditional model and a whole person treatment approach.  
It was here, on this bridge, that I personally was able to understand and be free from, not just the physical pain 
but the emotional and mental pain. Everything is connected.

Here, on this bridge, is where my mind and body reconnected, fear patterns dissolved, unconscious protective patterns 
were released, function and flow within all my systems restored, and I was freed from the pain.

I have worked diligently the past two decades to RECOGNIZE and RELEASE what no longer served me, 
RESTORE mind body harmony, and REBUILD my life; It feels absolutely amazing.

My ultimate goal is to help you do the same! 

Fox Mind & Body Wellness, PLLC

"Treating you as a whole person is the key to your success."

"You are not your diagnosis."

As someone who experienced years of chronic persistent pain and whose son was born with many therapeutic needs, 
I know how important it is for you and your loved ones to feel well and function optimally.

Fox Mind & Body Wellness was inaugurated for you and your loved ones.

My educational journey has lead me down paths I never could have imagined. 
Each path has impacted this work in profound ways. 

 Everything within us is connected and everything must have mobility, or as I say, flow.  
The root of your symptoms generally are embedded deep within your system, just as the root of a weed is in the ground. 

The philosophy at Fox Mind & Body Wellness is to work with your body, not against it; 
to honor your body's priority, not ignore it; and to respect your body's desire to achieve homeostasis; 
by using hands on therapeutic techniques and/ or quantum mechanics release. 
The goal is to address any or all systems affected by your root, such as, 
Visceral (organ), Circulatory (blood), Neural (brain & spine), Lymphatic
Energetic (Biomatrix, Dantians, Meridians, Chakras), or Musculoskeletal (bone, muscle, fascia). 

A peak inside.
Your session will be held in a serene, single-private room, and you will be 1:1 with dr'B'fox for the entire session, thus allowing for optimal parasympathetic (rest) state for your receipt of treatment and healing.

Feel free to wear clothing you feel comfortable in and/or have on for the day. Your session will likely entail sitting &/or laying on a treatment table.

dr'B'fox performs multi-system integration through manual techniques and/or quantum mechanics to facilitate MindBody healing & harmony. Your session is focused on the treatment aspects you are unable to self-perform. At the close of your session, you will receive very specific, designed for you, home integration instructions based on your system's needs to process & settle post treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

Fox Mind & Body Wellness / Dr. Breann Fox, DPT, PRPC, 
does not contract with any insurance company. 
You can request a 'superbill' from your session, at which point, 
you may submit it to your 
insurance towards your Out of Network plan.

How much does a session cost?

Fox Mind & Body Wellness is a Premium service. 
Each session's exchange rate is $250 USD. 
Payments are accepted at the time of service via 
check, any major credit or debit card, HSA card, 
Zelle: 208-949-8640, or Venmo: @Breann-Fox-11.

What should I expect with my first session?

To expedite your session, please arrive 5 min. early with your Medical History paperwork filled out on your client portal (via Jane app). 
You will meet 1:1 with dr'B'fox for the entirety of your session.
You will discuss pertinent medical history, as well as, current and former situation/status/stresses. An evaluation will be performed to know your system's lines of tensions and priorities. Treatment techniques will be performed based on the findings from the evaluation in order to facilitate healing and homeostasis. At the close of each session you will receive, specific to you, integration technique(s) to perform for processing/settling from the session.

Dress to your comfort for sitting and laying on a treatment table.
Knowing that the shifts can be very different for each client, 
dr'B'fox is available via text for real time support 
during the 3-5 days following your session as well. 

How will I feel after my session?

There is a fairly wide spectrum of how a patient feels after a session. Sometimes, symptoms are heightened temporarily and other times 
they have immediate relief and feel "lighter".
No two people are the same; no two sessions are the same; and no treatment responses are the same. Why? Because at each session we are working on your system's priority that day, thus working in different tissues with different lines of tension. Visualize a snow globe that gets 'shook' up and the snow takes a few minutes to settle. You are similar in that your session's intention is to gently shift your system to initiate movement of the (snow), or tissue's lines of tension. This is necessary to jump start your shift and allow for changes and healing.
 The human system can take 3-5 days to settle, sometimes up to 2 weeks. During this time, any and all shifts should be honored. At the close of each session you will receive, specific to you, integration technique(s) to perform for processing/settling from the session.

When should I schedule a follow up?

Follow ups are scheduled according to your system's needs. 
Ensuring ample time for your system to fully settle between sessions allows for the best assessment and most effective treatment. No two systems are the same, therefore, dr'B'fox does not have a standard protocol. The frequency of any follow up session 100% depends on your system's needs and can be discussed at the time of your appointment.

Where do I get the initial paperwork?

 Fox Mind & Body Wellness uses 'Jane software' for all patient portal needs. 
Once you schedule you will receive an email asking you to complete the 
medical history and patient demographics. 
Doing so prior to your initial appointment will allow for more time 
in treatment and is highly encouraged. Thank you.

I have scheduled. What's next?

Do you have packages, discounts, or gift cards?

Yes, we do offer a military discount.
Packages are being designed at the moment. Stay tuned.
Gift cards are available for purchase. 
Please email for details.

                                                                              contact: 208~949~8640 or

                                                           location: 1243 E. Iron Eagle Drive, Ste. 130B | Eagle, ID 83616

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