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Transformative Teaching for High Performers

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Meet Dr. Breann Fox, D.P.T., P.R.P.C.

From her Division 1 college & semi-professional soccer career to the rigorous studies of graduate school, Dr. Fox has always known that serving & leading others is her life's mission. Her journey hasn't always been smooth though, which she believes, is an added gift in optimizing care for her clients.

Over the years her layers added up. Between trauma on and off the field, multiple concussions, a career ending injury, and overcoming emotionally abusive relationships & eating disorders, Dr. Fox has worked diligently over the past 2 decades to

Her goal is to help you do the same!

She has used her doctorate in physical therapy as a stepping stone into niche training and care in
Pelvic Health, Organ (visceral) function, Neural system balancing,
Emotional relations and Energetic Balancing.

She has uniquely & beautifully zippered together the 700+ hours of post doctorate studies with the lessons & tools learned in her own healing journey affording her the ability to treat the WHOLE person, not the diagnosis, through The DrBFox Method™.
The integration of Manual Therapy & Energetic Balancing is very powerful healing.

Her profound compassion, undeniable wisdom and eclectic edge in
integrative treatment allows YOUR system's priority to be THE priority
regardless of what your 'diagnosis' is.

Faculty of:

former & current

Trained by:

This IS for you if...

  • You want to feel your best, show up as your best self, and perform at your best.
  • You are committed to making a change and willing to invest in your long term health & well-being.
  • You know, deep down, despite what you have been 'told' about your condition/symptoms/diagnosis that it doesn't add up and you are not willing to give up on your best life.
  • You want your treatments to be based on what your system needs to heal and function optimally, not based on your diagnosis. 

This ISN'T for you if...

  • You believe you can not get better.
  • You believe your diagnosis defines you.
  • You want the quick fix.
  • You aren't willing to invest the time and energy in your healing journey.
  • ​You are turned off by the idea that emotions, mental beliefs, thoughts & behaviors can affect your function & the physical motion of your body.

Ways to facilitate Mind~Body healing & harmony:

Your system's priority is THE priority
Through Dr. Fox's eclectic post doctorate studies, her front row seat in injury, trauma, and restoration, and her innate healing abilities
she understands that no two people are the same. Every-BODY comes from different lineages, different environments, different experiences and different stories.
Although signs & symptoms are often categorized & given a diagnosis, the 'why' they exist varies greatly within each and every person.

Dr. Fox's genius is to get under the hood, find the primary dysfunction 'your system's priority ' and get to work facilitating harmony within your system,
thus allowing YOUR system to make the changes necessary for optimal function & mobility.

Often, when ailments persist, it isn't because other providers aren't trying to help you, it is that the primary dysfunction
hasn't been addressed. There is no guessing game here. Through Dr. Fox's advanced training and skill sets she has a powerful and
unique approach that encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, & behavioral aspects of a person and gets to the root of the problem
so you can get back to the life you deserve and desire.

About Fox Mind & Body Wellness, PLLC

Treats all ages & genders

Dr. Fox is blessed to work with men, women & children, including infants,
through any and all seasons of life.

Therapeutic Approach

Specializing in Pelvic Rehabilitation, Organ  (Visceral) function, Neural balancing, and The Fox Method™, Fox Mind & Body Wellness uses Manual therapy, Energetic Balancing & Transformative Teachings to treat you as a whole person, not your diagnosis, separating itself
from simple standard care. 

Your Unique Story & System

Your story is unique to you.
No two systems are the same and no two sessions should be the same. 

A peak inside.
A serene, single room environment allowing for optimal parasympathetic (rest) state for your healing and receipt of treatment.

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in and/or have on for the day.

Dr. Fox uses Manual Therapy, Energetic Balancing, & Transformative Teachings to facilitate harmony within your mind & body. Your session is focused on the treatment aspects you are unable to self-perform.  You will receive very specific instruction on what to do at home following your session in order to optimize your treatment and your system.

Follow ups are often scheduled 2-3 weeks out. This ensures ample time for your system to fully settle between sessions allowing for the best assessment & most effective treatment.

See how other's have elevated in their journey.

"I've had the pleasure of working with drBfox in the clinic and listening to her speak in public to large groups. She has an impeccable way of delivering actionable tools that are pertinent to your unique needs. Implementing her tools has elevated me in my career beyond measure. I feel like I can conquer the world after she works her brain healing magic."

~Smith C., Idaho

"I sought Breann’s expertise after a big change in my life. I experienced a huge change in both energy and clarity after one session, and with each concurrent session I was both stronger and more empowered.  Breann’s combination of knowledge, experience, and compassion allowed me to experience a significant energy shift and move forward in my life."

~Jayne B., California

"A true blessing in my life. I was feeling held back. I wasn't sure which way was up, but I knew I needed up. Dr. BFox's sessions changed my life in ways I can not even explain. I am a better wife and practitioner now and wake up each day excited and fulfilled."

~Dr. Kim R., Arizona

"I often find myself overly-outpouring in all the wrong areas. I was not feeling joyous or fulfilled. I did not have a clear path to break through the stagnation. I was living my life wired & tired and a subpar version of myself. I was beyond frustrated. I felt stuck. Working with Dr. BFox has enhanced every aspect of my life. Her contagious energy and her ability to increase my flow/system gave me so much clarity! I was able to break through my glass ceiling."

~Dr. Jennifer M., Connecticut

"Keeping me at my best is a must. With 3 young boys and my collegiate coaching career I am constantly on the go. drBfox has a gift and can tap in and shift my system in one session that keeps me running in high octane mode when I need it. I am truly grateful for the tools to keep my system cool especially throughout the busy seasons.

~Michael G., Nebraska

"I wanted to perform at high levels in my business throughout my pregnancy. drBfox helped me do so. She cleared out past traumas that helped, in my opinion, free my body to carry full term in a very healthy way, as well as, giving me the real time 'to dos' to keep me feeling great and moving well. I loved working with her so much. She even worked on my baby in Utero which I was so grateful for."

~Kelsie K., Tennessee

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