The Fox Method™

Manual Therapy

Energetic Balancing

Transformative Teachings

Facilitating Harmony within your mind & body.

The Fox Method™ is pure gold.
This is where the power of integration of multiple system's meets innate wisdom yielding unmatched results in mind & body function and wellness.
With over 700 hours in post-doctorate training, drBfox beautifully integrates manual therapy, energetic balancing, and transformative teachings to facilitate harmony within your mind & body. She describes it as driving in one vehicle on a highway with six lanes. She has the ability to merge,
switch lanes, speed up, slow down within your system to create integrative changes within all your systems as they present themself in the session.
No two people are the same and no two sessions should be the same. You are constantly absorbing, experiencing, living, and changing thus,
so is your system. Every single day adds layers. Where her genius lies is getting to the root cause of your dysfunction.
The root can have a physical or internal factor (mental, emotional, behavioral component) as a primary driver.

So, yes, you have a physical pain or just can't seem to get your energy back. Despite all efforts nothing has changed or it changes, but only temporarily.
It is exhausting. You are frustrated. You are tired of feeling this way and just want your life back. You want to be able to push forward towards your goals. You want to show up for your children and be the best parent you can be. You want to engage with and have fun with your partner again.

It doesn't have to continue to be this way. It is not that you haven't tried, it likely is due to the fact the primary driver hasn't been addressed or cleared completely. It is not uncommon to see that a persistent ailment has a link to an experience in your life, often even as far back as childhood. 

The Fox Method™ is for you if you are wanting to finally rid your system of it's ailments. If you want to achieve harmony within your mind & body. You want to improve mobility and function. You want to optimize your overall health and well-being and finally live your best life!

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