Establish a solid foundation. Elevate your being. Change your life.

With these 5 Daily F*B.O.M.B.s

(that won't cost you money or a ton of time, cuz we both know how packed your schedule is already!)

Start living your life UNDEFINED™

  • by all the things on your plate
  • ​by other people's problems / opinions / projections / perceptions
  • by the stories you continue to tell yourself
  • by the weight of your past

In This FREE Resource, You'll Discover...


Stop being a victim to your circumstances, to your past, to those around you. 
Take control of your life TODAY. 
You do have a choice. You are enough. 
You CAN live the life you desire!


You have had it all wrong. You actually do have the time. When your energy increases, so does your productivity and your time! What are you waiting for, go get it!

Feel Radiant

Walk into that room at the top of your game.
You will no longer be 'faking' it, you WILL be authentically you.
Build deep relationships. Have more intimacy. Feel in control. Show up with INNERgy!
It is my life's passion to help high performing, accomplished people, like you, take their INNERgame to the next level. You will take control of your INNERbeing™ & INNERgy™ and align it to the external world you have worked
so freaking hard to create (for everyone else, checking all the boxes)
and step boldly into the best version of YOU.

I have my doctorate, I am a professor, a former D1 & semiprofessional athlete, & the 2019 Woman of the Year for the Idaho Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
I am a trauma survivor, a private practice owner, wife to 'DrWeird28',
a blessed mom of a super rad 7 year old boy & 3 year old English Cream Golden Retriever, & I am your biggest cheerleader! 

After 17 years in my own personal journey, over 700 hours of post-doctoral training, and working side-by-side with thousands of clients,
I have concocted the F*BOMB™ (Fox* Be Optimal Mind & Body).
These F*BOMB™ are 5 simple daily habits that won't cost you a dime nor
much of your time but are guaranteed to CHANGE you from the inside out.

This is the foundation, my friend. Just like building a new home,
you must have a solid foundation, for longevity.
These 5 daily habits will start to fill in the cracks, create stability, and give you the stepping stone you need to elevate & optimize.

I have seen hundreds of people, like you, change their INNERbeing™
with these impactful habits and I want that for you!
I know, first hand, what it feels like to show up in your life every single day unapologetically and authentically you, from the inside out! You can too!

Are you ready to take control & elevate yourself?

  Waiting simply isn't an option if...

  • You want to finally take control.
  • You are ready to elevate your life.
  • You want to be a badass.

Need more than just a pdf with powerful daily dos and like a good challenge?

Get 18 days of absolute GOLD in your inbox to ensure you build that strong foundation you desire!

  • MORE intimacy with your spouse
  • INCREASED energy to get shish done
  • SHOW UP more present as a parent
  • ​ELEVATE your professional passions
  • ​FOUNDATION rock solid for the good & bad days
  • ​UNWAVERING commitment to yourself
Use a notepad or sticky notes. Use your own journal or calendar. Shoot, a blank piece of paper is all you need. I personally spent way too much money trying to 'find' the perfect journal / tracking organizer that would keep all my priorities on one page, every single day.
A one stop shop that fit my needs & keep me organized.

I needed a tracking system that logged my budget $$$, my F*BOMB compliance,
my goals, affirmations & intentions, and even my daily notes or ah~ha items.
I needed all these things in one place and I couldn't 'find' I made my own.
Hoping it helps you stay on track as much as it helps me!

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