Do you accept my insurance? 

In order to assess and treat you as a whole person, not a diagnosis, and to allow us to listen to and 
honor what your body's priority is 
we are a fee for service practice. 
We have a profound belief in the human body's ability to heal itself when all systems are in alignment. 
We have an unwavering trust in your body and this work. Time and time again this work has proven that it facilitates the healing YOU need to be free and to function more optimally.  

How long will my session take?

Typically your initial session will range between 
60 & 70 minutes. 

We highly encourage you to complete the comprehensive intake information ahead of time 
to ensure adequate treatment time 
with your practitioner. 

Follow up sessions range from 30 - 60 minutes depending on your session type. 

How much will my session cost?

The exchange rate (cost) per session varies depending on:

1. If it is your initial evaluation with treatment or a follow up session.

2. Your treating practitioner.

 Sessions range based on the above factors from $160 to $266 USD.

When should I schedule my follow up session? 

Every BODY is different and therefore will be treated in accordance to its specific needs, including treatment frequency. Because of this, we do not have a specific treatment protocol. 

You may either discuss a treatment follow up session timeline with your practitioner at your session or if you desire planning ahead, please schedule at least 2 weeks between sessions to allow ample time for your body to settle ensuring treatment effectiveness.

Where do I fill out my paperwork?

dr'B'fox&co uses an EMR system called Jane for all your patient needs. 

When you schedule your first appointment you will receive an email to create a patient account. Here, you will be able to access all aspects of your account, including your initial paperwork. 

If you have not filled out your comprehensive intake information 24 hours prior to your first scheduled appointment, you should receive a reminder email.

What should I expect at my 
in-person session?

Our facility is a quaint private room within a small business building. The room is set up with intention to support the settling of your nervous system which will allow you to receive the most from your treatment session. We have 2 chairs and a treatment table. With our primary focuses being manual therapy and quantum healing, we do not have any 
gym equipment or cardio machines present. 
Our intention is to allow for a calm and quiet space for your healing evaluation and treatment.

Should I keep seeing my other practitioners?

Controlling your variables is key. Why? Because if you change a handful of things all at once, we may not know what is working for you, or what isn't working for you. Once we are calibrated into your system and able to have internal dialogue we do have the ability to ask specific questions to give you feedback that serves your highest good. 
This is incredibly important if you are seeing many different practitioners at a high frequency. We want to ensure your system is not being overrated as this could actually cause a set back in your journey rather than effectiveness of your treatment sessions. We are happy to help design a program of care based on your innate wisdom's response. Please ask your practitioner if you have any questions regarding this.

How will I feel after my session?

Every BODY is different and so is every session. Each session will bring its own shifts within your system therefore, you will likely feel different each time. Sometimes patients initially feel a heightening or increased awareness of their symptoms temporarily; other times the patient may feel extreme relief almost immediately. 
You are like a snow globe. Your session is will address the stagnant points your psyche brings forth as priority. As a result, the precise treatment will awaken your system, just like gently tipping a snow globe over and back. The snow globe takes a few minutes to settle the snow; your system can take 3-5 days. Continued changes can occur for up to 2 full weeks. We recommend you touching base with your treating therapist if you do not feel as though you have started to settle within the first 5 days. 

How do I connect with my practitioner?

At Healing for Science & Soul we love strong connections with our patients. YOU matter and we want you to know you are supported even when you are not at your session. 
Our practitioners use their cell phones or email to connect with their patients anytime. We trust that you will use these forms of communication in a way that respects before and after clinic hours and also in a way that serves you and your needs.

If you are within the first 5 days after your treatment session and are in need of answers or real-time support we do ask that you text or call our personal cell phones to allow us to support you in real time. 
dr'B': 208-949-8640
Malina: 208-600-2975

What should I wear to my session?

What you are wearing for your day is perfectly fine as long as you are comfortable. You may be asked to stand, sit, or lay on a treatment table during your treatment session. We do not use or have any gym equipment of cardio machines. We are manual based practitioners therefore our treatment sessions are primarily manual based. 

Where are you located?

For in-person healing sessions we are located in downtown Eagle, Idaho, at 
1243 E. Iron Eagle Drive, Suite 130B
We are in a light green building with the numbers 1243 on the front; signs for the small businesses within the building are placed only on the front doors. You will see IDAcomp and Eagle Realty.
The building is between State Farm- Steve Garringer and Time to Smile Dentist. 
Please note, for distance healing sessions, we work through the Jane EMR system and you can be located anywhere in the world. 

If I am seeing Malina for the first time why do I have to be evaluated by dr'B'fox first?

By law, in accordance to a Physical Therapy Assistant's licensure, a patient must be evaluated and re-evaluated by a licensed Physical Therapist. As a result of this law, it is imperative you are evaluated by dr'B' prior to your first session with Malina and then re-evaluated, per the law, 
then thereafter. 

1243 E. Iron Eagle Drive, Ste 130B | Eagle, ID, 83616 | 208.949.8640

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