My passion is learning. My purpose is empowering & inspiring others. My perspective is that you too can create a life you absolutely love free from 
physical & emotional pain.
 Much love ~ dr'B'
A natural born leader, dr'B' has been in many roles throughout the decades because she is passionate, caring, tenacious and loves to inspire others to follow their dreams & visions. With nothing but love for the soul within you and light to assist you on your journey, it is dr'B's life work to encourage, lead & inspire you to create a life you absolutely love. Knowing this is not possible unless you clear the weight of your past and free your mind, body & spirit to live out the life you were born to have. 

She knows this because she too has had to do the work. She had the choice to do the journey and she leaned all the way in. Overcoming trauma on and off the field, sexual assault, narcissism, disordered eating and much more, she knows what it takes to do the journey and she knows how incredible it is to do it as well. She wants nothing more than for you to lean in and take control of your life and live loving it all.
One of dr'B's divine gifts is that she  thrives in the role of a student and of a teacher. dr'B' loves to learn, reflect, and then make the information as digestible for others as she can. She is a lover of analogies and taking all that sciency jargon and shining a light on it with words that support your ability to take it and immediately apply it to your life. 

dr'B' loves to read and spends at least 90 minutes each morning, with a coffee in hand, with a book and/ or journal. She attends advanced training seminars regularly because she knows that expanding her toolbox is necessary in the limitless potential of holistic healing. 

She is a learner of life. She can attest to hard times but also to the beauty that comes from every single life experience when you are free from the old belief patterns, grounded, and crystal clear on what aligns with you. 

Born & raised in AZ, dr'B' escaped the heat & got a taste of four seasons when she said yes to a D1 soccer scholarship at Creighton University. After completing her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences and her 4 years of soccer, she went on to play semi~professionally. dr'B' worked in various health & fitness settings while playing semi~professional ball before attending graduate school at A.T. Still University. Shortly after receiving her Doctorate she met her hubby, Chris, while he trained as a Resident in Manual Orthopedics. They were blessed with their son, Cordell 9 years ago. From their first date, they knew they wanted to leave Az. They researched & traveled until they landed in Boise & immediately fell in love. dr'B' loves garage workouts with Chris, finds so much joy in sharing a parallel Karate journey with Cordell, family time, and snuggles with the family's English Cream Golden Retriever, Atlas, while reading & sipping coffee. 

dr'B' believes there is an endless well of information available to us. Studies are constantly being done birthing new information. She knows there is no finish line to the information at our fingertips to assist those in search of healing.

D'Ambrogio Institute

  • Total Body Balancing
  • Lymphatic Balancing
  • Energetic Balancing

Barral Institute

  • Neural Manipulation 1-5
  • Visceral Manipulation 1-6
  • Advanced Visceral Manipulation 
  • Advanced Urogenital Manipulation
  • Visceral Manipulation Application for Pediatrics

Herman & Wallace Pelvic Institute

  • Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification (PRPC): Herman & Wallace
  • Sex & Sexuality
  • Evidence based treatment of the Pelvis. 
  • Bladder Control: Stress Incontinence & Pelvic Floor Muscle Training.
  • Sexual Medicine
  • Post-Prostatectomy Rehabilitation
  • Manual Lymph Drainage for the Pelvis
  • Care of the Pregnant & Postpartum Woman
  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy 1-3: H&W / APTA


  • Integrated Neuromuscular Re-education, Muscle Energy Therapy & Positional Release: Cross Country Ed.
  • Women's Health Summit: Cross Country Ed.
  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy, DPT: A.T. Still University
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS): National Strength & Conditioning Association

With a divine gift of thriving in the role of a student and of a teacher, dr'B' 

Guest Interview/ Podcast


  • AzAPTA meeting: SOWH: Sexual Medicine
  • AzAPTA meeting: SIG: Lab Assist for Visceral Manipulation 
  • Think Tank meeting: Intro to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
  • AzAPTA meeting: Manual lymph drainage for the Pelvis
  • The Student Physical Therapist: Pelvic Floor PT and how it relates to the Outpatient Clinic
  • Adjunct Faculty Midwestern University: The Reproductive System & Screening Urogenital Disease
  • Developer & presenter: Pregnancy & Postpartum Core Connections Workshop
  • Guest lecture ISU DPT 2nd year students’ Sports Topics class: Pelvic Floor & Athletes
  • Guest lecture ISU Speech Therapy 2nd year students’ Voice Disorders class: Visceral Manipulation
It doesn't stop here with dr'B'. She finds so much joy in learning, living and loving and continues to pursue many avenues of sharing her wisdom and this life~changing work. 

As a Professor dr'B' has had the wonderful opportunity teach for the College of Western Idaho and Idaho State University. She has guest lectured for the DPT programs at her alma mater A.T. Still University and Midwestern University, as well as Idaho State University's Speech Therapy Program and many post-doctorate Practitioner groups.

dr'B' has worked alongside practitioners who are unmatched in their field and phenomenal educators as a teaching assistant for Barral & D'Ambrogio Institutes
In 2023, dr'B' joined the renowned Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio, DOM, AP, PT, DO-MTP, and his D'Ambrogio Institute team of seasoned practitioners who have a wholehearted passion for educating practitioners around the world so they too can integrate this work into their practices.

dr'B' enjoys giving back. She has participated in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-day walk and will again in 2024; she won Woman of the Year for Idaho Leukemia & Lymphoma in 2019; over the years she has
 co-founded Tackling Transitions to help athletes of all levels and ages tackle transitions through & beyond sport; P.O.W.E.R. Practitioners of Wellness, Empowerment & Respect; Pregnancy & Postpartum Core Connections Workshops; and sat as Chair for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man & Woman of the Year Campaign.

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