Discover the beauty & power of deeper self-connection.
Achieve clarity through clearing emotional, mental & physical blocks.
Conquer your INNERgame to live your absolute best life.

 Your unique & unmatched 6 month small group coaching cohort.
Collaborate with DrBFox & 5 other high performing accomplished, like~minded women who are
devoted to making a change within themselves.

Caution: Others may not recognize you, shoot, you may not recognize you at the completion of this program! Apply with caution.

You will vanquish strategies for Optimizing your INNERgy.

You will no longer rely on people, places, or projections around you for true fulfillment.

You will become besties with your INNERbeing to elevate how you show up in your life, strengthen your relationships with others, and step boldly into the most authentic version of YOU! Because, girl, let's face it,
the world needs more of YOU!
A life changing
6 months
You don't have to know who you really are or where you are going, you just need to know that what it looks like today isn't what you want. You MUST believe that life can be different. You MUST believe that changing your INNERbeing™ will ripple into ALL areas of your life. 
More Intimacy!
Stronger relationships!
More present parenting!
This is NOT for the woman looking for the quick fix or the one who loves to soak in the bubble bath of victim-hood. This is NOT for the woman who doesn't believe that by fulfilling herself & showing up authentically she will elevate her life, strengthen her relationships, & step into the next season as a bolder & more INNERgized woman.
If this is you, no worries girl, you do you. Go live your best life.
But don't forget to click here and receive your FREE F*BOMB guide to Optimize your Mind & Body. XO
 Yes, I want to change my INNERgame to match my outer world!
  Girl, I hear it almost daily "I have checked all the boxes, done all the things, received the accolades and have what other's perceive as the perfect life. But, what they don't know is that I am unfulfilled & miserable. I haven't had sex in months. The kids think I am the worst mom ever. My friends, wait, do I really have friends, you know, like true friends? OR is it all a lie?

I am exhausted. I drink the caffeine, hire the help, have the personal trainer and the best of the best makeup, but at the end of the day, I am exhausted, I'm miserable, I'm loaded with shame & guilt.

"I SHOULD  be happy right?!

But I am not happy. And I am READY for a change. I am READY to invest in myself. I am READY to love myself. I am READY to elevate my INNERbeing & crush this thing called life."

Follow these steps here if this is you:
  • Download your FREE F*BOMB guide and start implementing them today!
  • Get the F*BOMB Tracking system or open a new journal and get to work tracking your wins in there!
  • Get & tackle the 18 day F*BOMB challenge, on-demand
  • Apply for Be Bold, girl and take the proven steps to Elevate & INNERgize your life!
  • Apply for Be UNDEFINED™ if small group collaboration is not your thing & you want the 1:1 deep dive!
Yes, I KNOW there is more & I want to CHANGE my life!

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