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In person & distance healing options available.

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Distance Healing is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than in person sessions.
Using Quantum Theory, drBfox calibrates into your system to facilitate harmony within your mind & body. The session provides a clearing that elevates your energy, improves your system's mobility and optimizes your function so you can live more freely. Any manual technique or treatment can be utilized from afar by way of Energetic Hologram. So, no matter where you are in the world, whether you live there or are vacationing, and need mind body transformation, a distance healing session is for you.
Pelvic Health Rehabilitation is not just for pelvic floor dysfunction. The intricacy of this niche goes far beyond the basic muscle function. Thinking 'outside the box' IS a must when it comes to pelvic rehabilitation. As a Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner (PRPC), DrBFox's expertise in this arena and whole person approach is exactly what the more complex cases need to regain function and finally have control in the bathroom and the bedroom.

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(Level 3-Pelvis)

Visceral Manipulation & Health is a vital modality for optimal health & well-being. Your gut is your second brain & plays an important role in your energy, mood, & function. Every organ in your body requires a natural movement cycle in order to function well and communicate with the brain. When the organ loses this motion as a result of injury, disease process, inflammation, stress, surgery, etc., over time disease and dysfunction arise.  Restoring the function of this system is essential to your energy and long term health.

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The nervous system is your body's major controlling, regulatory, & communicating system. It is the command center which controls your mind & body through thought & movement. Concussions, car accidents, high levels of stress, toxins, and even life's overwhelming seasons can create blocks within the motion of this system. Whether you have persistent headaches, nagging back pain, feel stuck, have brain fog, or want to maintain high levels of brain function,
this session is for you.

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The DrBFox Method™
is pure gold.
This is where the power of integrating multi-system's meets innate wisdom yielding unmatched results in mind body function and wellness. With more than 700 hours in post-doctorate training DrBFox beautifully melds manual therapy & energetic balancing to facilitate harmony within the mind & body. If you desire to live your best life through optimization of your mind & body, this is for you.

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Spirited Harmony Sessions are held one Friday a month and ONLINE ONLY. You can take advantage of this session type whether you are a distance or in-person client of drBfox, but you must be an established client to reserve your spot.
If you are a new client you will need to complete an initial session with drBfox prior to utilizing this session type.
The Spirited Harmony Sessions are used when you don't need a full session but do need a quick intentionally shift.
Just as you put gasoline in your vehicle when it needs, consider this your gasoline!
Most of us are living busy lives, this 20-30 minute session allows you to dive in, make the shift, and get right back to what you need.
Due to the high request of this session, it is non-refundable and non-transferable.
Once you schedule, you have invested in yourself and committed to showing up.

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