Girl! I am so thrilled for YOU.
Taking this step will change your INNERbeing™.
6 months of collaboration, training, and side-by-side bold steps to Elevate & INNERgize.

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I am convicted to serving you!
I have spent two decades, over 600 post-doctoral training hours, and 10 years of strategy implementation with clients to
lock in the proven tools that will take you from where you are today --> 
Elevated & INNERgized in ONLY 6 months.
Weekly training & healing sessions take you beyond any other program.

This is GOLD, my friend!
Unique Approach * Unmatched Results
I want this for YOU!
Because I freaking love MYself & MY life.
AND, because I LOVE you to pieces & I want you to truly love YOURself & YOUR life. All of it!
I have been blessed to work with thousands of high performing, accomplished women, just like you, over the past decade, affording me a front row seat to the phenomenal transformation that a 6 month period of
with other women on the same journey has done to drastically change lives.

When your INNERbeing™ truly matches the outer accomplishments & the world you have worked diligently & desperately to achieve, there is absolutely NO limit my friend!
More Intimacy!
Enhanced relationships!
Boldy show up!
Here it is, the real and the raw. I too was the woman who 'had it all'. I drove the fancy car, took the long super sweet vacas, had 2 dope dogs in tow, dinners most would drool over, overnight trips on a whim, toys for days...
motorcycles, boats, snowboards, quads, all the freaking things. But, it all felt like a lie.
Don't get me wrong, it was fun, exhilarating really, but that feeling only lasted so long.

I woke up every single day, miserable. I felt guilt and shame for feeling this way.
I mean, most people would do anything for this life, right?


I knew, however, that if I continued to live the life everyone around me was ogling over, if I continued just as life was, in that moment, that I would leave this earth unfulfilled. I would not be able to serve others in the capacity I so strongly desired.
I would be continuing to live a lie, I would be allowing my past to dictate my future,
and all the OPP (Other Peoples Perceptions/Projections/Problems) would control my life!

I was fed up. No more of this B.S! I realized I had a choice!

So, I got to work. I completed my doctorate. Trained in over 500 hours of post-doctoral mind and body studies. Started implementing strategies with my clients. Put my strategies into play.

Not only have I radically changed my life, but hundreds, if not thousands of my
clients have profoundly changed their lives following the proven steps to
ELEVATE your INNERbeing™ & OPTIMIZE your INNERgy™.

This isn't your typical coaching program. Weekly training & healing sessions with drBfox gets to the root of what is holding you back, keeping you stuck and unable to move forward despite all your attempts to change. INNERgy™ sessions are incorporated in the program where your system is scanned and the root is exposed & cleared. This, my friend, takes you to levels of excellence you can not begin to fathom. It is truly profound & RADASS!

Different approach yields different results!
Take action today!
Here's how it works...
You, me, & up to 5 other high performing, accomplished, like-minded women, just like you,
spend the next 6 months, meeting for 90 minutes weekly.

We intimately dive into: 

--> clearing the deep rooted emotions & beliefs holding you back <--
--> breaking down barriers keeping you from unwavering self~trust <--
--> creating a solid foundation for your INNERbeing™ to unleash <--
--> implementing the steps to take your INNERgy™ through the roof <--

Cohorts have specific start & end dates. Apply now for the next available Cohort.
Wow, I had the pleasure of working with DrBFox. I had no idea the impact I would have in just the first 3 hours.

I was filled with knowledge that has taken me to the next level. I had tools in my hand to truly move forward with a positive mindset. I was given the strategies to reset myself if I started to stray from the behaviors that are critical for me to be my best.

I recommend this cohort for all women and especially those who work really hard and are always putting others first.  Here is to being empowered by your choices....make this cohort one of your choices and you won't be sorry!

Thanks Breann for pouring into us with so much love!
~Tami S

ID top realtor specializing in relocation, 2020 Woman of the Year runner-up
for the ID Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, stellar grandma,
wife, & lover of a good glass of wine

If you are even remotely considering DrBFox & this  cohort, I highly encourage you to DO IT!

I especially loved identifying what makes
me HAPPY & learning to purposely build more of that into my day.   

The F*BOMB™ are simple, yet powerful!

DrBfox has such an amazing gift of simplifying concepts into a way that you actually feel like you can use them in your real life (without spending hours a day). I loved all of the ladies in the group too! This felt like such a safe space to learn and grow.


Founder of Bloom with Bec helping women 'get your shit together',
Military Spouse, mom of 2 young adults, 
& lover of all things sea turtle, sunflowers & dogs

Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • ​26 weekly virtual trainings / INNERseat calls
  • ​1:1 Onboarding sesh with DrBFox
  • ​Be Bold Workbook for optimal elevation
  • ​Cohort only Voxer Access for 100% support at your fingertips
  • ​FREE F*BOMB™ downloadable
  • ​FREE Be Accountable tracking system for guaranteed F*BOMB™ success
  • ​And for a limited time only, a FREE Be Bold, girl SWAG BAG packed with items to keep you crushing it

The question isn't WHY, but WHY NOT?
You have nothing to lose & so much to gain!
A life full of INNERjoy, INNERtrust, enhanced relationships, & freaking tons of  self~love is just around
the corner my friend!
Who this ISN'T for
Girl, this is NOT for you IF

*you can't show up for yourself & the others in the cohort on the weekly calls*

*you bask in self-pity & doubt without belief that your life CAN be different*

*you are not open to learning how to fill your own cup, to dive deep into the ocean of your past, your present, and all things holding you back*

*you lay in victim mode, absorbing & enjoying the consequences of the role*

*you are not ready to invest a minimal price to ELEVATE & INNERgize YOU*


*if the thought of what you might find scares you too much*

*if the idea of enhancing your own INNERbeing & leaving those
who are complacent behind seems too BOLD*

*if the INNERbeast in you is not ready to surface & live UNDEFINED*

*if that daily latte & the superficial relationships are your thing*

*if you just simply enjoy your life defined & designed by others*

That's 1000% cool. You do you. No hard feelings. Go live your best life!

But we will be over here, leveling up, enhancing those friendships, presently parenting, having tons of amazing sex, filling our own cups with all the love & goodness one could ever imagine, deeply trusting ourselves & knowing that our INNERbeing is matched to the outer life we have created AND enjoying all the fruits of our labor!

Much love to ya girl! XO

Who this IS for.

This IS for you girl. This intimate 6 person cohort was designed for YOU!

The hard working, forever giving to others, but never to yourself (no no~ nails, hair, botox or whatever your guilty pleasure is, don't count). You are drowning in the packed schedules of all those around you, never time to relax or take time for you, living in the constant fight of flight of each day. You are career & goal oriented, competitive, driven and down right can be a feisty woman who truly wants the most in life. Somewhere along transitioning through the roles you obtained you stopped prioritizing your needs. You saved yourself for later. Well, my friend, NOW IS LATER!

The next thing you knew, it had been months since the last relaxing weekend, then years since you remembered what any of your dreams as a young girl were, and way too long since you took a vacation that didn't include everyone else's desires & a packed itinerary.

MAYBE: You find yourself weeks on end sitting in your big ass SUV, working on your laptop from the driver's seat, while the kids are participating in the 3rd extracurricular activity of the week. Then comes a late dinner & housework and finally, the kids are finished with their homework and now in bed and you find yourself right back at the computer. You are squeezing in every minute you can to run that business, check on the customers in your side hustle, do all the things. Oh and don't forget, you will get up at 4am to get your workout in
 AND then you will do it all over.

MAYBE:  You experienced trauma or a loss that has changed you. It dimmed your light, it took the wind out of your sail. And, although it has been years you continue to push and push wanting life to be different. Trying to reignite the fire you so desperately yearn for. But you are stuck. You continue to accomplish external goals but you can't seem to find your JOY.

MAYBE: You have gone down the rabbit hole of a marriage that was designed by everyone but you, but you went along with it because it is what you thought would make you happy. Each day sucks the life out of you and yet, you continue to give 110% to everyone else, you have leaned way in to your career and the titles to distract you from your ultimate reality.

MAYBE: You live in a blur, filled with hurt, loss, or sadness of the life you always dreamed of, believing if you checked all the boxes you would be happy, but you aren't. The outlier is in awe over you and all you have, but IT, this life, doesn't fill you up. The tangible items, the money in your bank don't give you joy. You are not happy and you are tired of living this way.
You WANT more!

What’s next?
Here's the thing. As a former victim of the facade, I am convicted to inspiring you.
I want you to KNOW & FEEL the life UNDEFINED
by your trauma, trials, past, present.

I promise you the journey isn't always easy,
but the other side is 1000% over, WORTH IT!

Come, join me, let me pour a little love into you. Let me help you see the light within you. Let me help you be the beacon you have always been. Let me make this super freaking simple for you my friend. Cuz, I love you girl! XO
'When she saw her INNERbeauty, she was able to spread her wings & fly'

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