Pelvic & Sexual Health

Holistic 'outside the box' approach by a Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation & multi-systems integration Practitioner

Are you fed up not having answers?

Thinking & treating 'outside the box' explained here:

  • To why you have leaking of urine after having a bladder sling.
  • To why you have INFERTILITY before and/or after birthing children.
  • To why you can't heal your DIASTASIS RECTI ABDOMINIS with core exercises.
  • To why you have PELVIC PAIN at certain times of the month.
  • To why your PERIOD is debilitating & affecting your life or tampon entry is painful.
  • To why INTIMACY is no longer something you desire in your life.
  • To why SEX isn't the same (pain/difficulty with orgasm) since birthing your child(ren) or taking the new job or moving across the country?
  • To why your C-SECTION SCAR is so painful.
  • To why you have PAINFUL SEX or unable to have sex at all.
  • To why you FEEL EXHAUSTED all the time.
  • To why DEFECATING (pooping) is a chore.
  • To why you FEEL OUT OF CONTROL when it comes to the bathroom & bedroom.
  • To why you FEEL EXHAUSTED all the time.
  • To why "just do your kegels" hasn't eliminated your LEAKING.
  • To why you have so much PRESSURE in your pelvic area, especially at the end of the day? What do I do with my pelvic organ PROLAPSE?

When the traditional therapeutic protocol hasn't worked for you &/or you aren't jazzed about internal treatment.

Other possible contributing factors to your pelvic health dysfunction, often not addressed.






Pelvic Floor

You are uniquely you. You are not your diagnosis.

Here at Fox Mind & Body Wellness, PLLC, the approach to your pelvic & sexual health dysfunction is anything but traditional.   
Dr. Fox's holistic approach is 'outside the box' and has proven life changing, typically within a few sessions,
because it gets to the root cause of your pain / dysfunction (which often isn't driven by the pelvic floor muscles!).
In simple terms, 'outside the box', means you are assessed & treated as a whole person, rather than as your diagnosis.
'Outside the box' means the shown above possible contributing factors, which are often overlooked or not taken
into consideration in your treatment approach, are evaluated & treated in accordance to their contribution to your ailments.

For the past decade Dr. Fox has seen men, women and children who have spent countless hours of their life, massive amounts
of energy, and gobs of money in attempt to reach optimal function in the bathroom and the bedroom.
Year by year, attempt by attempt, their frustration rises, only adding to their pain / dysfunction.

With over a decade of experience in this arena, Pelvic Health Practitioner Certified (PRPC), over 700 hours in
post-doctorate training in multiple-system integration, and a trauma survivor who has personally conquered
pelvic pain & dysfunction, Dr. Fox is very passionate about educating you and facilitating healing for you,
so you too can live your best life, UNDEFINED by your pain / dysfunction.
  • If you are OVERWHELMED with all the information on social media & unsure of what the next best step is
  • If you have received traditional care without results
  • If you desire pelvic & sexual healing without internal treatment (internal is available if needed)
  • If you are not ready to give up on your journey & want MindBody harmony
  • ​If you have experienced any type or degree of trauma (sexual, physical, emotional, mental, birth)

Then, Dr. Fox would be blessed to be the next step in your healing journey. Near or far, schedule your session today!

You are the only one in charge of your healing journey.
Take the wheel, it is worth it! You are worth it!

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