Pelvic & Sexual Health

Are you fed up not having answers?

Thinking & treating 'outside the box' explained here:

  • To why you have leaking of urine after having a bladder sling.
  • To why you have INFERTILITY before and/or after birthing children.
  • To why you can't heal your DIASTASIS RECTI ABDOMINIS with core exercises.
  • To why you have PELVIC PAIN at certain times of the month.
  • To why your PERIOD is debilitating & affecting your life or tampon entry is painful.
  • To why INTIMACY is no longer something you desire in your life.
  • To why SEX isn't the same (pain/difficulty with orgasm) since birthing your child(ren) or taking the new job or moving across the country?
  • To why your C-SECTION SCAR is so painful.
  • To why you have PAINFUL SEX or unable to have sex at all.
  • To why you FEEL EXHAUSTED all the time.
  • To why DEFECATING (pooping) is a chore.
  • To why you FEEL OUT OF CONTROL when it comes to the bathroom & bedroom.
  • To why you FEEL EXHAUSTED all the time.
  • To why "just do your kegels" hasn't eliminated your LEAKING.
  • To why you have so much PRESSURE in your pelvic area, especially at the end of the day? What do I do with my pelvic organ PROLAPSE?

When the traditional therapeutic protocol hasn't worked for you; you have a history of any kind of trauma; &/or internal treatment doesn't fit your personal desires. 
dr'B'fox is here for you.

There are numerous possible contributing factors to your pelvic health dysfunction.






Pelvic Floor

You are uniquely you. You are not your diagnosis.

Each and every one of us has a story that has lead us to here, now. Mine, in short, is my 'why' I serve in the Pelvic and Sexual Health arena.
After being drugged and raped I was in agony. The pain persisted well beyond the tears. I had no clue there was help for the pain.
Year after year, appointment after appointment, therapy session after therapy session, the pain continued. 
It wasn't until I found this work that I was freed from the pain and able to restore success in the bathroom and the bedroom. 

I believe everyBODY deserves whole person care. You are not your diagnosis. Whether the root of your pain/ dysfunction is physical in nature 
or driven by an internal factor (emotions/ thoughts/ beliefs/ behaviors), here, at Fox Mind & Body Wellness, we can address it together. 
  • If you are overwhelmed with all the information on social media & unsure of what the next best step is
  • If you have received traditional care without results
  • If you desire pelvic & sexual healing without internal treatment (internal is available if needed)
  • If you are not ready to give up on your journey & want MindBody harmony
  • ​If you have experienced any type or degree of trauma (sexual, physical, emotional, mental, birth)

Then, it would be an honor to be part of your healing journey. Near or far, schedule your session today!

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