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Elevate your relationships

I'm going to teach you the proven steps  to elevate your INNERbeing so you can take ALL your relationships up a notch!


I'm going to teach you how to fill your cup so you can SHOW UP in all things as the best version of you. When you show up in this way, all things rise up!

increase your

I'm going teach you 5 foundational steps that when implemented daily you will wake up & go to bed energized & excited!

Success story #1

Implementing the F*BOMBs this year, through a pandemic,
was the absolute BEST thing I could have done for myself
and the ones I want to show up for.
Putting the F*BOMBs into play gave me a strong platform to which I could build from. I became confident in my footing.
I haven't felt this good in years, since climbing the corporate ladder.
~ Stella M.

Success story #2

I always had my 'things' that kept me solid, grounded. Since having 3 kiddos under the age of 5 and starting an 'at-home' business I had LOST my foundation somewhere. I wasn't sure how to get it back.
I really didn't even know where to start.
The 'things' I used to do no longer fit my life now.
The F*BOMBs were exactly what I needed to elevate my life!
~ Mara F.

Does this sound all too familiar?

1. You 'appear' to have it all together. But deep down you are STRU~GLE~ING. You would be down right embarrassed to let your friends & family in on the truth.

2. You have LOST yourself. Since the kids. Since the raise. Since the marriage. Since the death of your loved one. You know you want to find yourself again but you have no idea how or where to start. 

3. You have LET YOURSELF GO. Whether the pandemic got the best of you. You just gave up somewhere, thinking & promising yourself over & over again "I'll start tomorrow".

4. Your intimacy is basically gone. Out - the - window. You may talk about it often, but it never happens. You are too tired or too busy. Having time together sounds nice, but maybe when you retire or when the kids move out you can revisit the idea of deep connection in the bedroom.

5. You go to bed exhausted. You wake up exhausted. Sleep, what sleep. I need sleep but I can't seem to recover from 'life'. Maybe this weekend I'll catch up for once.

6. All purposeful parenting, G - O - N - E! Screens are in full effect and your patience, well, you just really don't have any. You WANT to show up as the parent you really desire to be, the parent you know your kids deserve, but, well, maybe tomorrow when things settle down.


Are you ready to wake up and crush every single day?
Are you ready to start your day with intention, clarity in who you are
and where the heck you are going?
Are you ready to show up, in ALL areas of your life, as the most badass version of yourself?
Are you ready to show the world what you are made of?


You SHOULD BE living your best life! Not starting next week, but TODAY!
Your INNERbeing and outer world SHOULD BE aligned. But they aren't.

Truth bomb: No amount of caffeine is going to give you the ENERGY you need to produce the
life you want & sustain it! YOU CREATE IT!

Truth bomb: Your quality of sleep won't fix itself. YOU CREATE IT!

Truth bomb: More TIME to start that business, take that promotion, spend quality time
with your kids, get you some self-care, call that friend, read that book,
or to kill that workout won't magically appear. YOU CREATE IT!

Truth bomb: Your relationships won't fix themselves. YOU CREATE IT!

Truth bomb: Your relationship with yourself won't magically heal & elevate. YOU CREATE IT!

Truth bomb: Your smile won't be authentic & contagious because of anyone else.YOU CREATE IT!

Truth bomb: You won't just find yourself. YOU CREATE IT!

Final truth bomb: Your best life is worth creating. It won't happen on it's own.
The F*BOMB challenge will get you moving in the right direction. YOU ARE WORTH IT!


Once you purchase the 18 day F*BOMB challenge you will be on your way.
Almost instantly, you will receive a welcome email and your Day 1 info to get started.
For the next 17 days, you will receive a new, full of goodness,
strategically guided for success, email in your inbox.

Your emails are filled with the best tips & tools to overcome the most common setbacks, barriers,
and progress hindering beliefs so YOU can implement & crush the F*BOMB challenge.

The challenge doesn't stop at day 18 though.
At least I assume you didn't sign up to stop at day 18.
You will have created a solid freaking foundation that will serve you
on your darkest & lightest of days.
Pandemic, home schooling, climbing the corporate ladder, re-igniting that relationship,
building that dream business...hah, no problem.

Your best life is around the corner. What are you waiting for?
Throughout the next 18 days you will have applicable strategies, at your fingertips, to strengthen your foundation and staple in the F*BOMBs to optimize your mind & body. The emails are yours to keep, refer back to,
revisit when you have a slip, cuz let's be 1000% honest, we all slip once in awhile.
And, life happens, so if you miss a day, no worries, just click on the next day for you and keep moving forward.
The only things you need are DESIRE & DAILY ACTION.


  • SCALE your passions
  • ELEVATE your relationships
  • INCREASE your energy
  • ​HAVE A SOLID FOUNDATION to live your best life


Make a change

In just 18 days you can look back and know that you chose to make a change in your life and you did. You can feel empowered to make choices that fuel you and move the needle forward. You can optimize your mind & body. You can begin to create the life that you love.
You can show up as the absolute best version of yourself
for yourself, your clients, your loved ones.

Don't make a change

In just 18 days you can look back and see that you have stayed exactly where you are. You can see that you chose to remain stagnant. You can then pile on the guilt knowing that there are opportunities for you to better yourself and you just didn't take it. That's ok. Don't guilt yourself, that's just going to take you further down the negative tunnel. Pick one thing and start just that one thing today. Then come back when you are ready.

Meet drBfox

DrBfox is a lover of life & self! But it hasn't always been that way.
She states "the first 41 years of my life happened FOR me
so I can serve others in the utmost way
helping them to re-ignite their light, create inner stability,
and wildly pursue their passions."

She has used her personal journey of overcoming life's tribulations & her post-doctorate studies to optimize her INNERbeing & elevate her INNERgy through mind & body wellness.

Her clinical hands on expertise, life experiences, & wild desire to learn has afforded her the ability to put together proven steps
to help you take your life to the next level.

DrBfox uses her unique teaching style to help high performing, action driven people who want to elevate their lives on & off the field, in & out of the conference room, classroom & home, and those following their hearts desires, such as entrepreneurship.

Whether she is in the clinic, teaching or pursuing her philanthropic outreach as Woman of the Year for the
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, OSWIM chapter, drBfox is passionate about helping others live their absolute BEST life!

She is beyond grateful for her distinctive gifts & wisdom permitting her to live her life's purpose, help others overcome that which is holding them back from achieving their own version of excellence.

F*BOMB your way to success

 F*BOMB stands for Fox*Be Optimal Mind & Body.
Over the past decade, I have implemented & evaluated numerous foundational components of mind and body wellness
with my clinical patients and my coaching clients.
It is known, there are many powerful daily steps you can lock into YOUR daily life and be successful.
I have narrowed it down to these 5 F*BOMBs because they give you the biggest bang for your buck.
They can be done without spending a dime!
They take less than 45 minutes of your day!
You don't have to think about it. You don't have to re-invent the wheel. It's already shown to be successful for many!
As a result, they are easier to stick to. You and I both know, if you can stick to something, you get GREATER RESULTS!
Throughout the past 10 years working with clients one thing I know for certain is if your
INNERgame doesn't match your outer world, you are not in alignment.
If you are not in alignment, you are NOT showing up the BEST version of yourself
for anyone or anything, no matter how hard you try. Period.

You can not fill another person's cup with an empty pitcher.

In 18 days, you can either have a rock solid foundation or be exactly where you are right now. You choose.

I will walk you through the meat & potatoes of the F*BOMBs, but we don't stop there. We will work together through emails, videos, visualizations, exercises to dig deep to break through barriers, learn to prioritize, and clear out the gunk that is holding you back from the life you desire.

In LESS THAN 45 minutes a day you can literally change your life from the inside out.
Implementing these proven foundational pieces is guaranteed to jump start your INNERbeing & INNERgy!

Start now. Today. On demand.

Much love~ drBfox


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