Let me send you some love!
This is Me! And, I freaking love me, all of me. And, I want the same for you!
It is my life's passion to pour into you, serve you, & inspire you to crave the truest, most free version of yourself. Even, if you can't cast that vision yet, I want you to KNOW it is possible.

When life, as I knew it, came crashing down, I didn't know where to turn.
The sexual assault ripped the confidence from me. The career ending injury, shortly thereafter, took my only outlet away from me. The aftermath sucked out my self-worth day after day.
I fumbled and I failed trying to grasp on to any piece of life as I knew it.
I reached for ALL THE EXTERNAL things to fill the cracks, in hopes that those things, those people, those accolades would stabilize me & fill me up. But, no matter how many of those boxes I checked, I couldn't 'find' what I was looking for.

It wasn't until I discovered that what I was looking for was WITHIN me, that my life began to drastically change. I realized it wasn't what 'they' or 'he' could offer me, nor how that tangible purchase made me feel. What I needed was INSIDE OF ME all along. The light had been dimmed over the years with layers of hurt, failure, & compromise.
But really, my INNERbeing was all I needed. I needed to reignite & align myself.
I needed to believe in ME.

I learned not to rely on anyone or anything else to FILL MY CUP, but to lean in to self-trust, self-awareness, & self-connection at the cellular level. It was imperative
I cleared (released) the things from my past, I no longer needed, that were weighing me down and preventing me from living my life truly UNDEFINED.
It was then, and only then, I could FINALLY be FREE.

Having felt the unfulfilled, dark & ugly side of life AND now living in the
FREE to be ME, living the life I love, showing UP as the real, honest, fulfilled version of myself
I am convicted to giving others the tools, strategies & inspiration to do the same.
To live YOUR life UNDEFINED by loss, labels, overwhelm, your past failures / traumas / shoulda-coulda-wouldas / and to ELEVATE your INNERbeing!

I have completed over 600 hours of post-doctoral training, worked side-by-side with hundreds of clients perfecting the steps to Optimize your INNERgy & Elevate your INNERbeing.

 STOP lying to yourself. I was there too. Saying....
"This is just how life has to be"...1000% NO it doesn't!
"I don't have the time"...if you WANT it, this excuse doesn't stand.
"I don't know what I want"...neither did I, but I knew I wanted something different.
"But, what if, they don't like the real me"...then they aren't for you my friend.

I can't promise you "the" life you have today won't change, BUT I can promise you 
life as you know it will NOT get better unless YOU make a change!

Lock arms with me and allow me to save you 20 years of researching, purchasing, & experimenting so you can start changing your life TODAY!
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Here is me! The raw, the real, the happy!
See what others have to say

Tanzia K. says:

I was giving every ounce of my being, every single day, to everyone else. As a practitioner, a mom of two sweet kiddos, a wife to my rock, and side-hussle kind of gal wanting to help create change in the world I was suffocating. Tips & tricks, as well as, the INNERgy I gained working with DrBFox was life altering for me. I have enhanced every aspect of my life, including my internal well being & happiness. My relationships are thriving and I love waking up each day.
XO Tanzia

Carmen S. says:

The best part of the NEW found & fulfilled ME is I am still doing ALL THE THINGS I was before but at an elevated level. I am my own version of super mom, I am a present wife (having luscious intimacy again), I am a powerful & successful business owner, and I am giving to my friends and family in ways I never would have dreamed possible because I am UNDEFINED and living a life filled to the brim with INNERgy, love & appreciation for the woman I am! 
Working with DrBFox has changed my life!

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