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"43 and free"

Written by drBfox on December 31st, 2022.
I'm not too keen on New Year's Resolutions as they are presented and hyped up in the general population. I do believe in setting goals, having dreams and visions of what you want in the future, and I love the word of the year idea that seems to have really surfaced the past few years, or maybe I am just late to the game!

I found years ago that setting my intention for the 'year' served me MUCH better when I sat with who I am, where I am going, my goals, and a word for the year at my birthday each year rather than Jan. 1st. If your birthday is on January 1st, well then, I guess it is more about the intention of it is for you, by you, with you, not some NY rez that e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e does because it is the hype, then falls flat on their face a month or two in. I have my own thoughts on the falling flat on your face piece of all of this but I will save that for another blog post. Maybe next week in lieu of it being the first week of the new year.

This year, leading up to my 43rd birthday, whoot whoot. I swear we get better with age, like a good wine or whiskey. I, personally, can contribute that, getting better aspect, to an expanded consciousness and doing the work for my INNERbeing. I suppose there are some, who maybe the top wasn't corked or sealed well enough and it will take longer or another life time for them, but for me, this is where I speak from.  In meditation, just before I turned 43 this year, I had a download of the statement " 43 and free ". This hit me hard, in a good way. I was excited, scared, eager, curious.......all the feels. What does 'free' mean anyway?

I suppose 'free' would mean different things for different people. We are all unique beings, no two of us are the same. As I sat with the potential of the word 'free' in my life and cross checked it to things such as financial, toxicity, personal, etc. I knew it wouldn't be financial, at least not yet, I still have a few years of student loans to pay. So, was it business, no, that feels perfect in its timing and I love all the aspects of my work. Oh, personal, yes, yes, yes, that was it. I have come a LOOOOOOONG way and I am very well aware of the gain with recognition of the gap, so where did 'free' fit into all of this?

It took a few weeks of me marinating in this statement and really embracing it as part of my being for this next year (& beyond) when it presented itself. I have been working on my first book, in my mind for 10 years at least, but on paper since January of 2020. The book includes 5 sections and 1 section has 10 chapters each told regarding a story of mine, from my life, that wasn't pleasant, such as trauma, eating disorder, narcissism, etc, yet on the other side I see the beauty in all of them. Writing them all down, in the same book, wasn't easy. It actually was really F*n hard and took years, took lots of healing modalities and sessions with mentors and guides every few weeks to help me sort through it all and GROW from it.

I realized then that 'releasing' the book and sending it to the editor was exactly what I needed to be 'free'.

🙌🏼Free from the old patterns, that helped me survive then, but doesn't serve me now.
🙌🏼Free from the held emotions & beliefs that came with each of the experiences.
🙌🏼Free from then so I can SOAR now!

As I continue to move forward in my journey, in this 43rd year of my amazing life, I choose to be grateful for and accept all of it, every day, every hardship, every slap in the face, every pivot, every awakening, every kiss, every I love you, every single moment of all of it.

May you, too, find your 'free'.

Much love~ drBfox

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