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Written by drBfox on July 22nd 2022
Oh snap! So, I have a photo shoot coming up and was getting my toes polished in preparation for the shoot and my brain was running around like crazy. Ever had that? I could have sat there and scrolled FB or listened to a podcast (my fave) but I just let it run wild. Weird, right? I mean, here I am sitting in a massage chair with someone putting their genius into my toes looking on point and I am just staring off into space and the wall with a very interesting painting on it. The other 6 humans in the salon, all with phones in their faces and here I am in 'lala' land and I loving it. I'm thinking about everything and nothing all at the same time.

My brain, clearly, is still going 100 mph! So much so I came over here to the local coffee shop, ordered my favorite special treat, a decaf dirty coconut milk chai and I sit here, in the uplifting energy trying to put it all down in a way that, fingers crossed, makes some kind of sense to you. Honestly, I don't even know if any of my B*isms ever make complete sense, LOL!

For the sake of you all, I'm going to sit here and try. Bear with me, my friend! XO
There is never a dull moment in my work. I love love love holding space for other's healing and facilitating mind body harmony, like totally love it. Thank you Universe for placing me in the space to learn, know and serve, I'm grateful.

So, today, I had 2 new clients, each prosperous and in high profile careers. They are both doing life as we spectators would perceive as perfect or awesome. Yet, here they are in a session with me, uncovering and healing old patterns and wounds that no longer serve them. Past traumas and beliefs that hold a heavy place in their being and affect how they perceive the world around them, how they make decisions today, and ultimately how they show up. Meaning to show up authentically or as a  facade~artist.

I know this feeling all too well. I have lived it. I have worked to transform it all, to change myself at a cellular level. It still fascinates me to this very moment how many 'thriving' humans around us are in the journey as well. Like so many.

So, here you have a badass woman doing all the things that society has deemed to be the perfect check boxes, yet, her 6 year old self lingers. Her Inner child is screaming to be seen, to be heard, to be held. Not knowing this or knowing it and not addressing it causes more resistance and inner tension affecting your every thought. Maybe not consciously, but guaranteed subconsciously it is. The internal resistance this creates is massive. This successful woman chooses every action, every relationship, every moment based on the child in her fighting for freedom. She is not a stranger to this child, but in the past she had pushed her away, telling her to shut up, thinking that if she just shoos her away that she, the inner child, will leave. It is apparent, in this moment, the inner child hasn't left, and we can assume won't until she gets what she needs to be free (from the hurt, the sadness, the grief, the anger, the fear)

Today, with guidance she did the exact opposite of shooing her away. She sat with her (inner child) and held her. She told her it was all going to be ok. She embraced her until...
Until the energy softened. Until the child understood. Until the child let go of the need to be seen and heard because she finally was. Until the connection between the current woman and the child within her allowed the truth to be. When she saw that she no longer needed to push her away and that by honoring what her 6 year old self needed she was able to shift the energy and be free from the tension. She was enthralled knowing that the child is part of the puzzle and that without armoring up then, without becoming a perfectionist, and without making the choices she did then, she might not be where she is or who she is today. So, with that, she gave her gratitude. She thanked her for all she did to survive in this world. And then there was peace. 

Whether you are perceived as successful and put together or not and you wonder what may be holding you back from moving forward into the life you desire the drBfox method™ is here for you. Leave it to the session to lock in on and transform the energy around what is remaining within your system that no longer serves you and could be weighing you down.

Much love~ drBfox

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