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Written by drBfox on July 14th 2022
Have you ever had that moment where something is said or something happens and you freak the F out? Like, the water was ready to boil and you turned it up 1 degree causing over flow. 

Let's say, you are minding your own business, driving down the road. I mean, you aren't even texting, so you know you are just doing your thing and then all of a sudden, boom!, someone cuts you off or honks. In that moment you explode. You respond with a totally pissed off honk. You know, not just the love tap, like hey hey the light turned green, let's rock, but more of I hate your guts, how dare you kind of honk that the entire stream of cars can feel the anger and frustration. It's ok, you can admit you know what this looks and feels like right? Then, for seriously the next 2+ hours or maybe even a full day you carry this feeling with you. You talk about it with anyone who will listen. The feeling and the idea of telling how awful this thing that happened was literally consumes you for, hmmmmm, way too long (I'm just being honest).

What this does, this carrying on, snuggling up to, holding tight to the emotions and feelings around this thing that happened to you takes space in your brain and body. You are now marinating in it and it imprints and then ultimately stores. Meanwhile, you are in a heightened, constricted, fight or flight state and don't come down from it until you choose to no longer snuggle with it. So, basically, you have told anyone and everyone you could about the moment when. My point being is that by you continuing on and on and on about it and holding onto the emotions and feelings and possibly even exaggerating the story as time goes on you keep fueling it in your being. Now, you have less flow in your system. Things are tighter, such as your diaphragm or muscles, and it may take a while for them to achieve rest and digest again (if they ever do).

So when you look at the consequences YOU receive by snuggling, kissing, and holding onto that moment and the feelings and emotions around that moment you, in essence, are choosing to have the consequences.

On the flip side, what if, in that moment, this other person cut you off, you simply didn't react and you just observed? What if you gave the story no stickiness to attach to you. What if, in that moment, you simply labeled it as "oh man, they must not have seen me here" vs "what a bleeeeeep, how dare you do that to me". Or, even so, what if you just observed the moment and allowed it to just be. Not good, not bad, just neutral? What if you chalked it up to either bringing more awareness to the moment and your surroundings or the idea that you were supposed to have this occurrence so you could slow down and avoid an accident up the road a ways.

In truth, you can make the labeling/story whatever you want it to be.

Everything changed for me in my life when I became the observer of my life and the things around me rather than taking everything personally, and creating a story with emotion around it, as though it was happening to me.

Aside from labeling it and having no real emotion around it I have used tapping and the idea of saying "oh, that's fascinating" or "interesting, is there a message for me" when something occurs in my life.

Happy observing my friends!

Much love~ drBfox

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